KBOX Karaoke Mixer - Turn Your Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

Transform your computer, iPad or smartphone into the ultimate Karaoke machine. Plug into any computer, tablet or phone and start singing! 

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Sunfly’s Kbox Karaoke Kit gives you the ultimate Karaoke Machine.
The mixer transforms your computer, iPad or even your phone into an unbeatable Karaoke system. Gain access to thousands of songs, including all the classics and latest chart hits at the touch of a button from www.sunflystreaming.com, or sing along to your own music from your music library, Spotify or Youtube.
The Karaoke Kit is really user-friendly and easy to set up and gives you amazing sound with tone and reverb controls and the option of using two microphones for duets and group singalongs.
The microphones are designed with professional sound quality in mind, and with a 4-metre cable, it’s perfect for dancing around the room.

 The Ideal
 Make your friends and family smile with the perfect present. You even get to all join in the fun by singing your favourite songs together.

friends singing
ect Home Entertainment
 Who said you need to go out to have fun? Bring the party home with Sunfly. Extra microphones are available for duets and group singalongs. 

Child Singing

 Fun for all the Family
 It’s great for all ages and keeping kids entertained. Be it nursery rhymes, Disney classics or pop hits. Who’ll be singing ‘Let It Go’ first?

 Create a party in your own living room!
Nothing beats a singalong session with our professional singing equipment. Stream thousands of songs directly from sunflystreaming.com.
Free for 14 days and then only £4.99 month / £44.99 a year.

Kbox what's inside


Box includes:
1 x Sunfly Kbox Mixer
1 x Sunfly Professional Microphone
1 x Instruction Booklet
1 x 4m Microphone cable
1 x 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable (to connect to your computer, iPad or phone)
1 x 3.5mm to RCA cable (to connect to your TV or HiFi System)
1 x USB to USB cable
1 x Power supply: UK Plug


 What you need:
-A Computer, Mac, Laptop, Smart Phone, Smart TV or iPad
- Amplified speakers - you can use an iPod speaker dock, your TV or Hi-Fi speakers, or any external PC speakers you have available
- Internet Connection (to play songs from www.sunflystreaming.com)

Product Reviews:

Works well with PC
"I Have my pc connected to amplifier (which is then connect to the tv) via HDMI. I can use the machine with 2 mic's to connect to the pc via the usb. Using it then to stream online karaoke and all Mic sound is blended well with online music."
Excellent product
"An excellent mixer and microphone that is easy to set up and gives a great mix of vocals and music. I attached my tablet and was able to sing along to Spotify and You Tube. I just connected it to my bluetooth speaker." 

Great little box
"Does exactly what it's supposed to Love it"

Good fun
"This mic works well with my ipad. Connected it to my ipad through the headphone port and to my little portable speaker."