KBOX Karaoke Mixer - Turn Your Phone Into A Karaoke Machine

Transform your computer, iPad or smartphone into the ultimate Karaoke machine. Plug into any computer, tablet or phone and start singing!



The Sunfly Kbox Mixer Kit can be used with all computers, tablets, smartphones, docking stations and DVD players.
This handy device is ideal for Karaoke Streaming sites including www.sunflystreaming.com, music platforms and online tv channels. Just plug in the mixer, connect the microphone and press play to have an unbeatable Karaoke system within minutes.

What you need:
- A Computer, Mac, Laptop, Smart Phone, Smart TV or iPad
- Amplified speakers - you can use an iPod speaker dock, your TV or Hi-Fi speakers, or any external PC speakers you have available

Box includes:
- Sunfly K Box Mixer
- Sunfly Microphone + cable
- 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable
- 3.5mm to RCA cable
- USB to USB cable
- Power supply: UK or EURO

A small quantity of stock for this product is now held in Australia. Any orders for Australia and New Zealand will usually be sent from here, including an Australian plug.

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