Unzipping your downloads

All downloads tracks and albums will be downloaded from our website within one zip file, and this will need to be unzipped before the tracks can be used.

Mac Users: To decompress (unzip) a file or folder on a Mac, double-click it.

Windows Users: To open a zipped file on a PC, drag the .zip attachment to the desktop. Once the file is on the desktop, you can double- or right-click to open it. Then double-click the zipped file to see its contents.

If you wish to use our tracks on your phone or ipad, it is recommended to open these tracks on your computer and then transfer over to your phone. However if this is not possible you are able to open MP4 and MP3 audio tracks by installing iZip or Winzip available from the app store and opening your Karaoke tracks through this software.



For more help depending on your operating system please follow these links: