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The Karaoke Kabin provides instant fun for all ages and is ideal for lots of locations, from shopping malls to holiday & theme parks, airports and bars.

Your customers will be singing to their heart's content in the privacy of a Karaoke Kabin, finished in your branding and with a choice of over 30,000 songs. 


Benefits of the Karaoke Kabin
- High-quality karaoke system
- All components manufactured in Europe
- Safety certificates including RoHS, CE and NEN1OIO
- Automatic electronic privacy glass
- Intuitive software and inbuilt mixer
- Over 30000 fully-licensed karaoke videos in multiple languages
- Unlimited rebranding opportunities
- Payment terminal

  Karaoke Software

 New releases are updated automatically 
All songs are fully licensed
Fees for collection societies are paid by SunVig.

The standard Karaoke Kabin features a touchscreen control panel, LCD screen, two headphones and two microphones.

It can be customised with your logos, colour scheme and advertising.

Total Experience
The Karaoke Kabin can be equipped with electronic privacy glass.

At the touch of a button, the windows turn opaque creating a truly private karaoke experience.



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                                             Karaoke Touch One front imageKaraoke Touch One back

The Karaoke Touch One is a standalone karaoke system that sits beautifully on a shelf or cabinet. It can also be installed with mounting brackets (included), into a standard 19-inch rack. The unit is finished in powder-coated stainless steel. It can also be delivered in any colour.

The Karaoke Touch One is ideal for bars, restaurants, hotels, yachts, private rooms and for rental companies

Karaoke singing for all! With more than 30,000 songs to choose from, the Karaoke Touch One offers the perfect compact karaoke experience!. 

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Karaoke Wall





The Karaoke Wall is an easy to use and easy to install all-in-one karaoke jukebox that comes with more than 30,000 songs.

The portable Karaoke Wall will transform any room or space into the karaoke place to be and is guaranteed to get the party started!

The standard Karaoke Wall is equipped with a touchscreen control panel, LCD screen, mixer & two wireless microphones. 
- Customize the colours of the Wall
- Place your company logos on the Karaoke Wall
- The software can also be customized to your own branding requirements



Benefits of the Karaoke Wall at a glance:

High-quality karaoke system
More than 30,000 songs
Rugged steel design & easy to move
No separate TV or sound system required
100% manufactured in Europe
Safety certificates including RoHS. CE and NEN1OIO
Available with or without the built-in sound system
Payment terminal

www.sunvig.com[email protected] 



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