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Sunfly Karaoke's Frequently Asked Questions


How much do tracks cost?

Individual tracks (including HD) only cost £2 each (British Pounds Sterling) for pick n mix disc or download. Backing Track instrumentals are only £1 each. Just choose 'download mp3 audio only' at the checkout.

If you are downloading an entire album from our range you will pay the cost of the physical album; the majority being £9.95 or £13.95; the price depends on the album.


Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes, we accept payment by PayPal on our website. When placing your order you will be given the choice of paying by card (Realex) or by Paypal. Please note we accept instant Paypal only, not echeques.


How much is delivery?

Full delivery charges are explained in Postage & Returns.


How long will my order take to arrive?

This depends on where we are delivering to and the size of the package; please see the Postage & Returns section of this site.


The No Fly List

The 'No Fly List' is coming to the UK! You will soon no longer be able to download tracks from artists & writers like Abba, Adele, Barry White, Bee Gees, Bon Jovi, Coldplay,The Eagles, Eurthymics, Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Madonna, Paul Simon, Paul Weller, Prince, REM, Neil Sedaka, Burt Bacharach, U2  (Download the full list here)


How do I download my tracks?

When logged into your account you will see a 'Your Account' section on the right side of the screen. Under this heading click 'Downloads' where you will see your order, along with a green arrow which will start the download to your computer when clicked on. Orders can be downloaded upto 48hrs after payment, then the link will become inactive.

Files usually automatically save to the download section on your computer which can be found your  'My Documents'  folder.


How do I unzip my downloaded file?

Your tracks will download onto your computer as a compressed file. To unzip this file using Windows XP please right click on this file choosing 'extract all' following the steps to provide you with your purchased tracks. Alternatively software is available such as Winzip and WinRAR. 


Will my karaoke tracks have video background?

No, most of our tracks do not have a video background.

Our DVDs from our pressed DVD Range are the only products available with full video backgrounds.

All tracks from our Sunfly Range section (MP3+G, MP4 & CDG) will have coloured text over a blue or black background.

Our HD Videos have white to yellow text over a black background.


Will my tracks have backing vocals?

If the original track has backing vocals then usually our Karaoke track will contain backing vocals. Please listen to the 30 second sample provided, and if you are still not sure please ask. * The sample video is not guarenteed to play backing vocals as it is a 30 second clip.


How do I search for tracks?

You can search for your favourite songs by typing in the title or artist in the search bar found at the top left of the page. Try to keep your searches simple, as sometimes spelling and punctuation can differ.

You can also browse by track title, artist, sunfly album or genre in the category bar on the far left of the homepage.


What if I can't find the track I want?

If you can't find the track you want then we probably don't have it in our library. You can request a track using the 'request songs' form available when logged in, which we will add to the customer request list for the production team to consider making.


What happens if the disc I want is out of stock?

If you order a CDG disc that is out of stock, a disc will be repressed inhouse and will be sent out in a Sunfly Official Repress sleeve.

NB. A large number of the early Most Wanted range are out of stock and will be sent out in this way if ordered. Likewise with some of the older Hit's discs and a few discs from other ranges.


What is the maximum/minimum amount of tracks I can order?

For each CDG & DVD disc, you have to order a minimum of 6 tracks. The maximum is dependant on the length of the tracks you choose - it is generally between 15-18 per disc.

For MP3+G, MP4 & HD downloads there is no minimum or maximum for downloads.


What bitrate are your MP3+G files?

Our MP3+G files all come in 128bps format as standard (this is the karaoke standard). We do have 320bps available on request. If you would prefer this option please contact us directly and we will be happy to send you them.


HD files resolution & audio

The resolution of our HD files is 1280 x 720 and the audio is 320bps mp3.


How long are my downloads available for?

After purchase your tracks will be available straight away and stay active for 48 hours; so make sure you download and save them to your computer as soon as possible.


Do Sunfly have a catalogue that they can send me?

As we add tracks to our library so often a printed catalogue becomes out dated very quickly, so we no longer print them. However, to view our catalogue (which contains all of our track and album information) online please click here.


I have accidentally ordered the wrong track on my pick n mix disc; can I change the disc once the order has been placed?

Pick n mix discs get made especially for you & despatched as soon as possible to increase delivery speed. If you realise the error you have made immediately, email us on [email protected] and we may be able to change it, but only if your disc has not been made yet. Once we have made your pick n mix disc we can not make changes, so please be careful to order correctly.


I don’t like the tracks I ordered, can I return it for a refund?

In regards to pick n mix CDG discs as they are custom made, a refund will not be issued on anything other than faulty products. All faulty products must be reported within two weeks of ordering or a refund cannot be issued.

Not being happy with the quality/version of a track is not a valid reason for a refund.

We advise that you watch the video samples before selecting a track, so you know you are happy with the track before ordering it.


Will your discs show on screen karaoke lyrics?

Yes, our CDG discs will show on screen lyrics when played in a karaoke player. DVDs play in normal DVD players (and also in karaoke players).

Some computers play CDGs but only if you have the correct software. We can not guarantee that you will be able to play CDGs on your computer - please check before purchasing. If you want to play karaoke using your computer we advise you to download digital tracks not buy discs.


Can I play your karaoke discs on a normal CD player?

Our CDG discs will play the backing tracks in a normal CD players like a normal CD. 

You just won’t be able to see the karaoke lyrics.


How do I play my downloaded MP3+G tracks on my PC?

Our MP3+G tracks should play on most karaoke software programs. If you don't have karaoke software on your computer see our Karaoke Software section..


Do the tracks have faded endings?

Most of our tracks have faded endings.


Can I select to have a song in a different key?

Unfortunately not; we can only supply tracks in the original key. However, many karaoke players have a key change function.


What if I want to buy a lot of discs in one go?

If you are looking at buying in bulk please contact us as we may be able to give you a discount (depending on the quantity you are buying). Please call the office on 0208 450 5544 or email [email protected] before placing the order as we will not be able to give a discount if you have already placed and paid for the order.

We would also recommend contacting us if you are looking to download many albums in one go as the site may not be able to cope with larger download orders. We will be able to send the files to you.


Will all tracks/album files be named?

If you download albums through the website they will come in a named zipped folder. However, tracks may not have full titles and artists on them.


Vouchers Explained

The Pick N' Mix or '‘Most Wanted" voucher which comes with Hits + Voucher is valid for single use on this website only. It allows for 15 tracks to be downloaded or ordered on Pick n Mix disc. This voucher will come as a sticker on your Sunfly Hits album if you order the CDG. If you order the Hits with Voucher digitally, we will email you with your voucher code once your order has been seen by a member of staff.

These vouchers can be purchased in sets of 5 or 10 in our Special offers section, giving a discount on pick n mix discs and downloads. Each code must be used to purchase 15 tracks at a time; if you only choose for example 10 tracks you will loose the other 5 so please choose 15 tracks in your playlist before redeeming the voucher code! Only one voucher can be redeemed in each transaction. Sunfly reserves the right not to redeem voucher codes without proof of purchase. 

page last edited on 02/03/2015 11:18