Sonic Glas 


Welcome to the all new Sonic Glas. What a sound! 


This is a sound system like none other before it. The glass actually creates the sound.


We have created a sound system with such incredible accuracy

 that it rivals any subwoofer and speaker combo. 



Connect to your sound system through a wireless Bluetooth connection via your phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the house. 


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Our aim was to create a stunning sound system with incredible 360 degree sound that would rival any subwoofer - speaker combo. We have achieved this through our state of the art patented sonic glass. The glass actually creates the sound with absolute clarity. Our wireless system is brilliantly convenient, just connect to the sound system via Bluetooth and play your music through glass. No leads are visible

Large Sonic Glas Photo  Small Sonic Glas Photo  Medium Sonic Glas Photo


Sonic Glas Large – 90 x 90 CM = £400 

Sonic Glas Small – 30 x 60 CM  = £250

 Sonic Glass Medium – 30 x 90 CM = £300

 excludes shipping costs.

 Please call +44 (0) 20 8450 5544 to choose or send your image and order.



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