How to play CDG discs on your computer

In order to play full Karaoke tracks from CDG discs on your computer, you must first convert the songs to MP3+G format. 
Just playing the CDG disc will only play the audio track, as the computer will treat this as a normal CD disc. 


1. Download a CDG to MP3+G Converter.

There are many available online to download, using your Internet search engine type in 'CDG to MP3+G Converter' and you will get results to choose your favoured one. We do not recommend any particular make.



2. Play using MP3+G Karaoke Software.

Once you have your tracks in MP3+G format, these can be played in MP3+G Karaoke Software.
If you do not have one already, Karaoke Builder have a free version from this link:


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