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Formats Explained

Our standard tracks are available in four different formats: MP3+G, MP4, CD+G and DVD.

We also have a range of HD Video format tracks.

Please read the following format information carefully before placing your order.

Tracks in MP3+G, MP4 & HD format can be downloaded instantly to your computer. Pick n Mix CD+G and DVD discs are made in-house by the Sunfly Karaoke team and sent to you in the post.

Albums from the CDG and DVD ranges are offical Sunfly albums which have official artwork sleeves and are factory pressed (unless we are out of stock, in which case an inhouse repress will be made and sent out in a generic Sunfly sleeve).

All albums from our ' Sunfly Range' albums can be purchased as the official disc, or downloaded as an album in MP3+G or MP4. Albums from our 'HD Range' are only available as HD .mov files. Our DVD range is available as disc only.

DVD albums can only be purchased as the official DVD discs, these files can not be downloaded. However, nearly all tracks within the DVD range are available in another format, so if there are specific tracks you want to download you should be able to find them using the track search.


Once you have placed your download order please visit the Downloads section in Your Account to download your tracks. This section can be found on the right hand side of the screen when you are logged into our site. When in the Downloads section click the green arrow to download.

HD Tracks

High Definition range contains much higher quality graphics than our standard karaoke tracks, so when played on a large screen will show much clearer karaoke text.

Sunfly HD videos are .Mov (MOV) format files, so will play in the Quicktime program which is free and compatible with both PC and Mac computers. They can also be played in newer versions of Windows Media Player, and some other video player programmes.

Sunfly HD Karaoke files can also be played in .Mov compatible Smart TVs and DVD players via USB.



Standard Format for Karaoke on Your PC

Once you have purchased your tracks in this format, you will be able to download a zip folder from the Downloads page in your acccount. This folder will contain two files - an MP3 audio file and a CDG file that contains the on-screen lyrics. To play the track, you will need special karaoke software that can be downloaded for free from a number of sources, including

Our download tracks are all in 128bit format as standard. If you require 320bit please contact us directly.



Video Files for any MP4 Player (Including Your PC & iPhone)

Tracks purchased in this format will also be available in the Downloads section of your account.
Our MP4 files will play on any PC, Mac or media player compatible with MP4 files, including your iPhone.


MP3 Audio Only   *New*

 Audio Only Files

You can now choose the option of downloading MP3 Audio Only.

This gives you the same audio track as our karaoke tracks but without the onscreen lyric video. Please note that this is a karaoke track and may contain backing vocals. 


CD+G Disc

Made by Us and Sent to You in the Post

CDG or CD+G (CD with graphics) is the standard format for Karaoke in the UK and USA.

Please select this format if you want to play your disc in any home or professional CDG karaoke player or machine (check out our Pro-888 player under Hardware).

If you are looking for audio only, i.e. for backing track purposes, a CDG disc will also play in your standard CD player.

Any CDG from our main range which is out of stock will be created here in the Sunfly office and sent out as an official repress. In these cases the artwork will no be the same as pictured on the website.

We add our new Hits disc to the site as soon as it's been confirmed; it is then available for download but it may not be physically in stock so another week or two.

Pick n Mix CDG orders are made up in office hours and can take a few days to be made up from the order date but if received early on a week day will generally be sent out on the same day or the following day.



Made by Us and Sent to You in the Post

Select DVD format if you want to play your disc in any standard DVD player. The on-screen lyrics will appear as normal. Very few DVD players are not compatible with our DVD discs - please make sure your DVD player will play DVD-R discs.

Due to the process used to make these, PnM DVDs will likely take slightly longer than an order for the same tracks on PnM CDG. They are generally sent out within a few days of order when ordered within office hours but if ordered over a weekend may take up to a week to be sent out.

* NB * All Sunfly tracks in MP3+G, MP4, and pick n mix discs (both CDG and DVD) will be provided as coloured text on black background as in the demo clips.

The only Sunfly product with full video background are those tracks on our pressed DVD range.

page last edited on 05/08/2014 12:43